Large Tutti Bowl Blue by Mike Hunter


This beautiful bowl stands 10cm high and is 22cm in diameter. It's elegant simplicity and superb craftsmanship would grace any home and is a perfect gift.

This item is collection only.

The highly collectible work of multi-award winning glass artist Mike Hunter, is of the finest quality. Each beautiful piece is hand crafted and intricately designed with great care and attention to detail. Mike has been trained under master glassblowers from the UK, Italy, Austria, Germany and Scandinavia, and attained the position of master glass blower and coloured animal maker.
As well as exclusive outlets in London and New York, his work is now also in the prestigious Bergstrom Mahler Glass Museum in Wisconsin, USA. Mike won the 2009 BCTF Award for Excellence in design, innovation and creativity, which he gained for his use of the 
Zanfirico glass blowing technique, a highly skilled process and a specialty of his.

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