Although you have found our website, Artery is also a physical high street shop at 131 South Street, St Andrews, so please do not hesitate to phone, pop in or email us with any questions you may have.


It couldn’t be easier to shop on our website. We make sure we take pictures that show the true product, so that when your order arrives, it’s what you were expecting. 

To make any purchase, it’s as simple as adding the product to your shopping basket, then you’ll be asked for your details and your address if you want it delivered to you , or anywhere else you prefer your purchase to go – or you can collect it from us. If it’s a gift, just let us know and we can even add a personal message to go with it.


Common question we’re asked are


“I see that your website is via PayPal but I don’t have a PayPal account”


Not a problem. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase. PayPal will just ask for your payment details and do a one-off transaction for you. There is no need to register with PayPal to buy through our site.


“I rather still not use PayPal is there any other way of making the purchase?”


Of course. We at Artery believe that the shopping experience should be comfortable both in the shop and online, so if you prefer you can give us a call and pay over the phone or even contact us and we’ll send you our bank details for you to transfer the payment to us.


“I see it is free delivery for the UK but why am I being charged on the Islands?”


As much as we would love to do free delivery to everyone, we are a small family business and cannot afford to pay the extra costs to have it delivered further than UK mainland – sorry! However we will only charge the extra it would cost - not the full delivery charge.

 “I bought something from you but now don’t want it. How do I get a refund?”

 We understand when buying online, it’s sometimes not quite what you thought it would be and we will happily refund any purchase that is returned to us within 14 days (extended to 30 days during the Covid 19 outbreak) and as long as its returned in perfect condition we will process your refund within 7 working days.

We cannot refund items that have been commissioned for you or altered for you.

“I want to return something - do you pay my postage?”

 No sorry. As we giving free postage on all UK mainland orders we send out, it will be your responsibility to pay to return it to us. We suggest you use recorded delivery so that you have proof we have received it, as unless we do and it is in perfect condition, we would be unable to process any refunds.


"I bought a bracelet from you but it’s too big/small what can I do?"


At Artery we have lot of pride in our makers and that nothing comes from a factory. This means there is a real person at the other end! So no problem, just send it back to us with the new size you need and our maker will make the size right for you.


“I saw something in your shop but it’s now sold - can I get the same one?”


As everything is handmade there will never be two the same. However, if you wanted to commission the work we will speak with the maker and should be able to get a similar piece made especially for you and at Artery we never charge extra for commissions.


"Do you send overseas?"


Sorry but we only ship within the UK. We are always happy to package up your order ready for shipping if you are able to send it yourself or have someone collect it and send for you.


Happy shopping!

Jason and Elaine